Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

WonderfulYoga offers best Yoga Teacher Training in Goa for you. From November untill March, the trainings are offered at one of our centers in Arambol, Goa. Goa is a beautiful state on the South West coast of India with some of the most incredible beaches found in India. In the '70s Arambol was discovered by 'hippies' and at that time inhabited by only a handful of local Indian people. Arambol has this magical atmosphere attracting travelers at that time and still does. It has grown much bigger since then but it has not lost its magic. It is a place were people come to meet, share, inspire and to be inspired.

The climate is perfect for practicing yoga during that time of the year. It warms up pleasantly during the day, but cools down at the same time during the night. The raining season has long passed by that time so it is not humid at all. Sunset is a real event every day: all the people gather at the beach for sunset to play the drums and dance to the beat. Celebrating life, giving gratitude to the day that was and welcoming the evening that is about to come, but most of all: just enjoying the beautiful Goan sunset at that very moment






Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala

WonderfulYoga offers best Yoga Teacher Training in Dharmsala for you. Dharamshala is where we host our teacher training program during the months spring and summer, from April untill October. Dharamsala is home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, which can be felt from the moment you arrive. It has a special touch by the many Tibetans that find refuge there and you get infected by the mutual respect expressed between the Tibetans and Indian local community. The studio is located high up in the mountains, in the friendly village of Bhagsu Nag. The gorgeous surroundings make it a perfect place to study yoga and meditate.

In the evening you can make a lovely walk up to one of the waterfalls or climb up the mountain to one of the surrounding villages. Or walk into any cafe and find a group of locals and travelers making music together. North Indians are welcoming and respectful and you will feel quickly at home here!


Since ancient times the moon has intrigued mankind. First and, i just guess foremost, because of its metaphysical influence on life on earth. The moon came into being, approximately four and half billion years ago, after the earth collided with Theia, a body about the size of Mars.

I find myself on my bicycle in a summerdress. I did not check 'buienradar' so i am not prepared to that rainshower which is falling on me like an African monsoon. Mmm.. I have got two choices: I can either be iritated about the Dutch summer and curse myself for not being in some Mediterranean country sunbathing on the beach, or I can accept that what is and just enjoy the rain falling on my skin.

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