...about joining the course

I am not sure if i want to teach yoga, but still I am interested to deepen my practice and learn more about the philosophy of yoga. Can I join the training?
Absolutely. Even if you do not intent to teach yoga in the future the training is very well suited for anyone is genuinely interested in yoga, its rich philosophy and all of the practices it encompasses. And if you are not enthusiastic about teaching before the start of the course, who knows how you feel about it after completion?

I have not practiced yoga asanas for a very long time yet. I am not very flexible and I feel like I can not do the asanas perfectly. Still I feel like I would like to join the training, do you think I am ready?
The first thing to remember is that yoga is not about the asanas, and for sure not about how flexible you are. Yoga is so much more than the postures to which most of the yoga classes are limited. So for becoming a teacher it is not important whether you are flexible or not, or how long you have been practicing. Rather, determination, enthusiasm, and strong motivation are much more important.


...about traveling to/in India

Do I need a visa to visit India?
Yes. All of the foreigners visiting India need a valid visa to be able to enter the country. Check this website and contact the Indian Embassy in your country to get specific information and assistance in obtaining the visa.

Which visa to apply for?
If you are visiting India to join the training you can best apply for a Tourist Visa, either 3 or 6 months. It is fairly easy to obtain a 3 months Tourist Visa, single entry. Embassies of some countries are a little stricter on providing a 6 months and double/multiple entry visa. To join the course you do not need a special Student Visa, a Tourist Visa is sufficient (a Student Visa is actually difficult to obtain and requires a special process).

Which contact details can I use for my visa application?
As a contact person you can mention 'Mahinder Prasad' and you can use the full address details as mentioned in the bottom right corner.

Is it safe to travel alone in India?
India is a beautiful and diverse country and it is more than worth it to take some time before or after the start of the training to travel around. In general it is safe to travel around in India alone. People are very friendly and very eager to help you at any time. Off course, you should be out in the streets at night or in visit deserted places on your own. And as in any other country, while traveling by public transport make sure you carry your passport and money on you instead of putting it in a bag as pickpockets are not uncommon.

As a woman, traveling can be a little bit more challenging, however still a lot of fun! First of all, be very aware of your clothing. Make sure you cover your legs, shoulders, and arms. Secondly, just get used to, and do not get upset with, man staring at you - they don't mean anything bad. If, however, you feel uncomfortable just change places, or make contact with others so you do not feel all 'alone'. Also, at many place they have special services for women e.g. a special ticket corner for women at railway stations. Other than that, enjoy! Traveling in India is a great way to meet so many beautiful people and see a little bit of this wide stretched country. Don't forget to drink a chai once in a while, and the sugar should keep you running.



Since ancient times the moon has intrigued mankind. First and, i just guess foremost, because of its metaphysical influence on life on earth. The moon came into being, approximately four and half billion years ago, after the earth collided with Theia, a body about the size of Mars.

I find myself on my bicycle in a summerdress. I did not check 'buienradar' so i am not prepared to that rainshower which is falling on me like an African monsoon. Mmm.. I have got two choices: I can either be iritated about the Dutch summer and curse myself for not being in some Mediterranean country sunbathing on the beach, or I can accept that what is and just enjoy the rain falling on my skin.

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