Our resort is located just 100 metres away from the beach, so that after an intense day of learning and practicing you can take a refreshing swim in the ocean and enjoy the beautiful Goan sunset. The overhanging palm trees give plenty of shadow during the day and you can socialize outside comfortably
We offer spacious huts with a private toilet and shower and a fan



Since ancient times the moon has intrigued mankind. First and, i just guess foremost, because of its metaphysical influence on life on earth. The moon came into being, approximately four and half billion years ago, after the earth collided with Theia, a body about the size of Mars.

I find myself on my bicycle in a summerdress. I did not check 'buienradar' so i am not prepared to that rainshower which is falling on me like an African monsoon. Mmm.. I have got two choices: I can either be iritated about the Dutch summer and curse myself for not being in some Mediterranean country sunbathing on the beach, or I can accept that what is and just enjoy the rain falling on my skin.

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