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Yoga Training

Doing yoga is particularly not that easy task as it seems. Beginning a yoga practice as an older adult can be intimidating, especially if you're out of shape or working with health conditions. Although you don't want to jump into a 90-minute hot yoga class with a group of younger practitioners, starting a gentle practice for beginners can be an excellent way to stay active and lower stress levels. Yoga training teacher is a basic need at the start. Without him or her doing yoga is meaningless. He teaches the basic do's and dont's of your body type, how to bend, how much time to do, and what are the excercises to be inherited at first.

Starting up a new practice may come easily to you if you've been fairly physically active through your life, but if you're out of shape, don't go straight for a walk-in class. Many studios offer beginner classes with props for modifications, and some even tailor to older adults. New practitioners should also remember that they can opt to sit in the resting child's pose or take a seated meditation during more challenging limited in what you do. don't try to do everything at once. At first 4-5 days you might not be able to touch your toes, but gradually you will. if you start doing it on the very first day, you might get sprains at the bends. so beside being a great cure , yoga if done without trainer can be a harm.


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Tuesday, 05 November 2013 09:45

Why we need to go to yoga class

Yoga is an inspiring word in itself. For kids these days, food like chowmein , pizza , burger and other fatty foods loaded with butter, spices have become s great and delicious need. they do not look to the crucial side of these delicates and eat without any limit. So, the common outcomes are obesity, breathing problem, staminaless, and becomes sleeping addict. All these problems lead to many disturbances in kids' life. All they need to do is yoga, an adaptable exercise an hour a day. This will keep them fit and fine and they can eat do, play anything they want without any hesitation. The prime reason for teaching yoga at a young age is to introduce a child to a healthier lifestyle. Talking about studies, mediation is the best part to do for concentration the theory involves:


Stress free mind and being peaceful and relaxation and better concentration and better grades...


Practice of yoga also helps us to be focused, in the moment and feel calmer. As the time we are investing in study is less, we are left with a lot of time for leisure. Yoga is also successfully used for post-traumatic stress disorder therapies. Teenage girls that attended yoga class as a part of their psychological therapy showed significant decreases in depression, anxiety, dissociation, and intrusive/avoidant symptoms, and admitted to feeling less stressed and more relaxed. The most active part of the routine postures usually includes stretching and other gentle movements combined with imitation of poses. So, the need of time is yoga for healthy adult life in future, if the seeding is right, the tree automatically becomes strong.


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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 15:14

Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life

These days obesity, heartaches, tiredness,mental exhaustion has taken place of happiness in life. People want a quicker and the best solution for it. Yoga is that which cures out these weaknesses. Yoga classes have always come out with good; starting to improve health, heartaches and pains and keeping sickness at bay. Once you gain confidence over it and understand it, you get more motivation to step onto your mat, run after your yoga trainer, follow his footsteps and want to be healthy and fit. There are simple guidelines which just include breathing excercises, asana, pranayams, meditation and chanting.

Yoga not certainly just roots out diseases but even align your body to a greater shape, makes you flexible with strong muscles, gets your blood flowing, drainage of lymph, your heart range into the aerobic range. It relieves depression, drop high bp, cholestrol level. There is no "and" for the benefits of yoga. It overall makes your hours happy. So, its time to keep smiling from yoga training.


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Benefits of Yoga

Here are the top reasons you should engage in yoga on a daily basis:


-Strength & Flexibility

yoga will help lengthen tendons, ligaments and muscles and increase your overall body flexibility, especially if done on a daily basis. Through yoga we learn how to do stretching & body movement that helps in improving body flexibility.

-Inner piece

Yoga is an exercise that brings you inner peace that helps in living life happily.


Yoga can help you in releasing all the worries of the day & teaches you to practice how to relax our body & mind. In stress we are not able to achieve goals of life either its personal or professional.

- Healthy Heart

Yoga can slow down your heart rate, a great benefit for heart patient.

-Improves Breathing

When practicing yoga, we learn how to take slower and deeper breaths and this breathing exercise really helps us to fight against disease & also keep us healthy.


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Friday, 25 October 2013 05:19

Life as a yoga teacher

In Motion

Living life as a yoga teacher is not quite comparable to the usual 40-hours workweek office job. Many people ask me how it is to live life like a yoga teacher, and every time again a big smile appears on my face while talking about what I do. But before you start dreaming away: let me state first of all that it is not always easy.

Friday, 25 October 2013 04:50

Guru in 200 hours?

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It is inspiring.
Every month again, a new batch of students. Eager to dive into yoga, eager to learn, eager to share their love for yoga. Yesterday a new group started their 200 hours yoga teacher training. But often I wonder: can one become a guru in 200 hours?

Saturday, 05 October 2013 08:29

Are you ready for yoga training

This yoga teacher training course is an opening into the values of traditional lifestyle in modern settings. The yoga teacher training at Goa & Dharamsala are combined with Ayurveda principles as it’s the traditional and ethical way to perform yoga.

The yoga practices at Goa & Dharamsala is by far the most balanced combination of material and spiritual levels of life, a practical approach to life, enjoying the worldly life rather than suppressing the same, this approach makes the process more comfortable and is like a stepping stone into the spiritual world. The institutes in Goa and Dharamsala educate on the principles of Astanga yoga and Hatha yoga which are practiced here and is the art of simple living. Life here is to help you into liberation rather than fighting it we try to understand first and hence develop the awareness of our body and mind. The accurate practice of yoga helps one to go beyond the delusion of this materialistic world with ease. It helps to illuminate the spiritual knowledge, making the path of 'VAIRAGYA' simple..

All the yoga courses offered at Goa & Dharamsala is so based on Astanga yoga with Hatha and Bhakti practices.

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Aren't we all brothers and sisters?

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In India there are as least as many festivals as there are days in the year, if not more. Yesterday and today Hindus celebrate Raksha Bandhan, also called Rakhi, which always falls on the day of the the full moon of Shraavana. The festival celebrates the bond of protection between sisters and brothers, which is symbolised by sisters tying a threat around the wrist of their brothers.



In Motion

Indians keep surprising me with the wisdom they are able to put in a one single sentence. And they share them at moments that you least expect it. Here is on I received in a chai shop the other day in Rishikesh.

In the northern province Uttarakhand a cloudburst took place only two weeks ago, causing major landslides and floodings, killing between 5,500 and 6,000 man and no idea how many animals. In a chai shop in Rishikesh I met a young man, Sudhi, who was in the mountains at that time. He was part of a group of eighteen people on a pilgrimage. Out of the eighteen only he and four others made their way home.


Thursday, 06 June 2013 13:57


In Motion

"Yes", one syllable, three letters. But such a powerful word! I was experiencing 'the power of yes' the other day after taking a contact improvisation dance class. Contact improvisation is absolutely wonderful and i can recommend it to anyone! You dance with two, three or more people and together you play with a point of contact and giving weight. From there the dance develops spontaneously. There are no rules, no right and wrong, it is all improvised



Since ancient times the moon has intrigued mankind. First and, i just guess foremost, because of its metaphysical influence on life on earth. The moon came into being, approximately four and half billion years ago, after the earth collided with Theia, a body about the size of Mars.

I find myself on my bicycle in a summerdress. I did not check 'buienradar' so i am not prepared to that rainshower which is falling on me like an African monsoon. Mmm.. I have got two choices: I can either be iritated about the Dutch summer and curse myself for not being in some Mediterranean country sunbathing on the beach, or I can accept that what is and just enjoy the rain falling on my skin.

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